"To Heath and Happiness"

San Diego, CA


Home Care in San Diego, CA

Hiring a home care service to lend you a hand with your needs or the needs of someone who matters to you may prove to be a relief. If you’re looking for professional assistance, Danny's Home Healthcare is the place many have turned for help. Our company is based in San Diego, and it’s owned and run by locals.

Services Offered

We’re prepared to handle a wide array of in-home care needs, including working with those who are coping with occupational therapy, dementia, Alzheimer’s, or speech and language disorder issues. All patient care plans are also highly customized. When you want to work with a provider that offers compassionate and courteous support for every client, we’re here for you.

Dealing with a home care provider who puts the patient above profits may make your situation a little easier to handle. That’s why so many clients have sought our help at Danny's Home Healthcare, a company based in San Diego, CA. We’re CMS-certified and CHAPS-accredited, too. Place a call to us today, and ask how soon we can have one of our carefully selected caregivers pay you a visit.